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Introducing Murdock the Cat

Hello, my name is Murdock which in Gaelic means Belonging to the Sea. I’m a Fisherman’s cat so it’s no surprise that I’m the mascot for Fish and Kids. This is a great project that gets MSC certified seafood on the menus of over 4,000 primary schools in England. That’s more than 800,000 hungry mouths to feed. I travel the country to talk, teach and play with children about the importance of sustainable seafood. You can check out my map to find out if your child’s school is MSC certified. This map will be getting updated to become even better really soon.

As a cat I love fish, so it’s really important to me that we all work together to make sure there’ll be plenty around for generations to come. That means looking after fish stocks and protecting the marine environment. Also making sure fisheries are well managed for the future. These are things that the MSC does brilliantly. But sustainable seafood doesn’t have to be serious or complicated. That’s why I’ve filled my website with fun games so children can see how easy it is to catch, cook and eat MSC certified sustainable seafood.


Also on my website you can find the teaching materials I’ve developed for teachers, which are linked to the national curriculum. Once children in my MSC certified schools have enjoyed a tasty MSC certified lunch, they can learn a bit more about how we can look after fish stocks in their lessons. I’ve also made some fun stuff for the schools canteen staff to bring MSC to life when children are having lunch. Are your children as tall as a salmon?


Every now and again I turn up at some of my certified schools for special assemblies. It’s great to meet the teachers, but more importantly to meet the children to see for myself how passionate they are about sustainable fish. I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy tasty sustainable fish for many more generations to come?

I’m going to be keeping you all posted about my travels across the country, and sometimes even across the seas and oceans, promoting MSC certified seafood. From the harbours and ports, to the fish factories and delivery vans, and of course at my MSC certified schools, as well as all the interesting people I meet along the way. You can follow my sustainable seafood exploits on MTC (Murdock the Cat)